Episode 29: Acoustical Engineering: Creating Your Place of Zen feat. Ian Bonsma (HGC Engineering)

Rahul Faria January 26, 2021 469 114 2

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 Acoustic engineers keep libraries quiet and ensure that your home is peaceful. Today we speak with HGC Engineering Senior Associate Ian Bonsma about the world of acoustic engineering. After introducing Ian and touching on his professional background we explore the role that acoustic engineers play in designing quieter spaces. Ian then shares insights into his company before explaining the differences between noise, sound, and vibration. From theatres and lecture halls to condos, we discuss Ian’s vital yet often misunderstood work. Following this, Ian unpacks common acoustic engineering misconceptions. We dive further into the details and talk about alternative solutions to manage acoustics, the unique problems that Ian has overcome, the regulatory frameworks that govern the sound, and how open-planned offices tend to present acoustic challenges. Later, we reflect on the increasing prevalence of work-from-home lifestyles and how the pandemic has amplified the need for acoustic engineering. Tune in to hear more about Ian’s work and the invisible impact of acoustic engineering.

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